Clockwise from upper left:  Fresh Forest, Cool Ocean, (not available),

and Warm Dusk


Kimono Collection


These extravagant aromatherapy gift sets wrap one in folds of fragrance and sensation.  Each set has bath salts with Vitamin E and Sweet Almond oils, 9 incense sticks with a ceramic holder, a hand-milled cleansing bar, and a set of two, lightly scented candles in ceramic votives.  The intricately detailed silk boxes are not only beautiful presentations, they're delightfully reusable.




AAR35-702 Cool Ocean                                                                        $29.00

The incense and bath salts are the scent of                         Sale $19.00

rosemary & peppermint.  The bar soap and

candles are geranium & rosewood.  These

blends will subtly invigorate and purify.

Color:  Sea Blue

8 x 6"

Qty in stock



AAR35-703 Warm Dusk                                                                       $29.00

An intoxicating blend of ginger and black pepper will        Sale $19.00

wrap you in a floral blanket of gentleness and comfort. 

Color:  Ochre

Qty  in stock






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