Roost Recycled Glass Bubble Terrariums

Indoor gardening takes on a free-form look with Roost's bubble terrariums.  Each piece is blown without a mold, creating glass bubbles that are then flattened and curved into shape.  Double bubbles are created by first blowing a larger bubble then pinching in the waist to create an undulating look.  Each vessel is unique and made with recycled glass, typified by irregularities such as bubbles, dimples, flow and grit marks and rippling.  Plants not included.  All sizes are approximate.


A. GOA001 Roost Recycled Glass Bubble Terrarium - Extra Small              $129.00
11 1/2 l x 8 1/2 w x 6 3/4"h

Qty eta 1 - 2 weeks

B. GOA002 Roost Recycled Glass Bubble Terrarium - Double                       $218.00
18 l x 9 3/4 w x 7 1/2" h

Qty eta 1 - 2 weeks

C. GOA003 Roost Recycled Glass Bubble Terrarium - Wall - Small                   $73.00
6 3/4 l x 8 w x 4 1/4" d

Qty eta 1 - 2 weeks

C. GOA004 Roost Recycled Glass Bubble Terrarium - Wall - Large                   $79.00
7 1/2 l x 10 w x 4 3/4" d

Qty eta 1- 2 weeks










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