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            Rhythm        h      Creativity       h    Reciprocity



Welcome to Fawbush & Schulz.  


We hope we can delight and inspire you.

We believe life is a magical adventure and enjoying it fully is about having as much fun as possible while going about the every day and staying in tune with making the world a better place.  So many things are important, but celebrating life along the way is essential.  To this end, we believe it’s vital to fine-tune our environments.  When our surroundings constantly remind us of how precious and amazing life is, we flow more harmoniously through our days with more lightness and rhythm, more joy. 

We want to be your favorite resource for inspired pieces that conjure a certain atmosphere, a hint of astonishment, a divine serenity. Since 1999, we’ve been questing the most artfully-crafted fine furnishings and personal accessories the world has to offer to assist you in creating a personal style as unique and wonderful as you are.  Peruse our pages for everything from nature-inspired lighting to enchanted holiday decor and architectural jewelry.  Delight is where you find it, fill a room, fill a house. 

We practice a holistic business model understanding that the way to a better world is through supporting communities and supremely managed charitable organizations.  Five percent of our earnings go to various humanitarian and environmental groups including International Rescue Committee, Save the Children, Animal Welfare Institute, Humane Farming Association, PETA, ASPCA, National Wildlife Federation, and Environmental Defense Fund.    

We're so glad you're visiting.  Peruse and enjoy, we hope you find exactly what you're looking for. 

                                                                 Many blessings,

                                                                 Carolyn Schulz, Founder




 ©1999 - 2011 Fawbush & Schulz. All rights reserved.